Here are the illuminated lyrics to a song called “Small Town,” written by my friend Blake Elliott.  You can listen to the song here.  Blake’s first CD was released in November.  Her band is called “Blake Elliott and the Robinson Affair.” You can listen to 5 songs from the CD here.  Okay, here are the lyrics:

small townsmall town_0001small town_0002small town_0003Did you notice that there’s a bit of a “hands” theme? It started with the Michigan one — here in Michigan, when someone asks where we live, we point to some part of our hand, because the lower peninsula is shaped like a hand.  A mitten.  The upper peninsula can look kind of like a hand, too.  Then more hands just started wanting to be drawn.  The color on the “wine” one is much better in real life, but I guess you’ll have to take my word for that.

I think one of the things I like about this song is that all of the wonderful qualities Blake sees in her small town are there, at least in part, because they exist within her heart.  Here is what Blake Elliott looks like (sort of):

small town_0005

Maybe you feel like drawing, but you can’t decide what to draw.  Why not try illustrating a song?