A new picturebook, to be published October 15, 2019!

“Sometimes a mistake can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes a mistake is cause for celebration. Sometimes making a mistake leads to rousing adventure and a whole new chapter.

“That’s exactly what happens to Lucy and Thomas in this luminous and festive picture book about a holiday mistake, cake, and friendship.”

I loved making this book. I want to show you all of the pictures. But for now, I’ll show you four of them:

First, a cozy one:

Then, one with a precipice:

Another cozy one, this time with a new friend:

And then, a happy ending one:

There are more adventures, in between.

After reading Wintercake, you might want to do some little projects.You might want to make Wintercake baskets. Or maybe a Wintercake merry fire votive.

Or, if you are feeling really adventurous, you might try to make another kind of Wintercake:

Click on the links to see how.

And here is yet another, from Theresa and Piper in Juneau: