A few months ago, I was contacted by Allison Powell, a young actress who wanted to film a scene from my book Criss Cross as a demo, to promote her acting career.  Permissions were arranged and before long, she sent me this clip:

The funny thing is, when I wrote the chapter this scene is from, I envisioned it as a movie scene, but a completely different one.  I imagined it as a conversation while two girls are talking in the dark before falling asleep.  My idea was that by the end of the scene, the screen would be nearly black, and it would be unclear who was saying what.  So artsy, right?  But perhaps not a very good way to catch the eye of casting agents, or whatever they are called in the biz.

So, very different than what I had imagined and yet — I love it.  Because they are wonderful and interesting actresses who can bring life to words.  Hey, Hollywood, here is their info: Allison’s websiteAllison’s imdb listingEmily’s websiteEmily’s imdb listing.

But also, it makes me think — wow. Someone could make a movie of my book, and it could change, in an interesting way, without getting lost in the process.  (I guess the other thing could happen, too.)  Hey, Hollywood!