This may or may not be the art for the jacket of a book I have been working on for some time now.  I am in the this-is-reallygetting-serious region of the deadline, because the book is due to be out next fall and I’m not quite finished with the drawings.  But I am SO CLOSE!  The book is in the time-honored Rodent Adventure Novel genre.  So many greats to look up to.   I could mention Russell Hoban, Terry Pratchett, E.B. White, and Kenneth Grahame.  William Steig.  Just for starters.  Also, of course, Kate DeCamillo.  When I heard this year that her new book was about squirrels, I thought, Dang!  Then I heard that there’s a new animated movie coming out in a week or so about squirrels, and I thought — hey — could I be trending?  Could squirrels be the new zombies?  Is it a zeitgeist thing?

pulptastic squirrelsI can tell you one thing: the life of a squirrel is never without danger.