I did my first drawing of the year while I was still in bed:

hazel new year's

Hazel on my feet

how shall I get out of bed?

snow piled high on trees.

(non-haiku-format addition: it’s quarter past ten.)

Eventually, though, I did get out of bed, and went to my studio. Where I still am. This feels really good because over the holidays, I try to override my monkish part and be with people. That makes me happy, too, but once New Year’s hits, I am itchy to get back to it.

1. I have some china figurines that I have been wanting to draw. A nice thing about a figurine is, no one knows if you are doing it right. The figurine doesn’t care. It doesn’t say, “You didn’t get my nose right.” You just look at it and try to draw it, and that’s fun. This one is a shepherdess, with a lamb at her feet. It was in my mother’s house, but I don’t know how it got there, what it meant to her. A mystery. Now it’s in our house, along with a cavalier.

2. A friend recently spent time in England. She brought me back a little gift — little in size — of a teeny-tiny paintbrush and a teeny-tiny cake of watercolor paint. I thought it was black paint, but this morning I discovered that it is actually hooker’s green. Surprise!

So here is my drawing of the shepherdess and the lamb, in hooker’s green, all painted with a tiny brush:


Thanks, Cecily!

Thoughts while drawing/painting: What is that she’s holding in her hand?

How much difference the placement of the eye-dots makes. I have a friend who collects little Easter chicks, with glued-on eyes. She likes how the random placement of the eyes gives them different expressions. The eyes in my painting aren’t quite the same as the eyes on the actual figurine. But she is a little person. She can have different expressions from moment to moment, right?

Also, there isn’t a really good art supply store for hundreds of miles from where I live. I miss going into one and being surprised by some paper or tool, taking it home and trying it out. I have to order things online now, and I tend to order what I need. What I’m out of. This little brush and cake of paint reminds me of the joy of trying something new.