verse 1In these days of slanted sunlight, in these nights of sideways sleet,

May we be the ones who come by bringing something good to eat.

verse 2When the pantry’s nearly empty, and the wolf yips at the door,

If it seems you’re out of acorns*, may you always find one more.

*(alternatively; biscuits, jim-jims, aspirin, chocolates, options, etc.)

verse 3When the bubbly left from New Year’s and its dreams have lost their fizz,

We trust that you will stop in and remind us where it is.

verse 4So light the lights and sing the songs, Let’s celebrate! And after,

We’ll find the warmth of winter in one another’s laughter.


(For more squirrel stuff, see “Seven Squirrelebrations,”

“squirrels and the zeitgeist,” and “Nuts to You.”)