“After I work at Sylvio’s,” she said, “my clothes always smell like calzones, so I put them out on the deck to air out.  Otherwise, our whole apartment smells like calzones.”

spider season

“I take my Sylvio’s clothes to the radio station” (one of her 3 other jobs) “and change in the bathroom, because I go straight from there to Sylvio’s.  I took my pants out of the bag and a giant spider crawled out.”

spider season_0001

“Then I opened up my shirt and there was a sac of spider eggs.  One of those filmy webby clusters.  My black clothes must have seemed like a nice warm place in the sunlight.”

spider season_0002

“After I screamed, silently, I smashed them.”

(Welcome to a higher life form.

“Poor Spidey!” said Bill.)

“But now I feel like I have spiders crawling all over me.”

spider season_0003