Last week I crossed Lake Michigan three times. ( But who’s keeping track?)  Twice on a ferry and once on a plane.  Here are some pics and notes from the crossings.  I think it’s a good idea to jot stuff down while it’s fresh in your mind.

lake mich postcardsI. In the daytime, on the ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin.  There I am, there is the shadow of me leaning on the railing, looking down at the lacy feathers of froth that form on the waves.  They are only there for a moment, but then it happens again on another wave.  Over and over and over and over.  Good thing the railing here was high enough to keep me from falling overboard due to wave froth hypnosis.

lake mich postcards_0001II.  We got on the return ferry a few days later, at 1 a.m.  We had a little room to sleep in.  There I am, in paisley pajamas that exist only in this drawing.  (a big advantage of drawing your memories vs. photographing what actually happened.)  It was the night of the “super-moon.”  We looked at it while waiting for the ferry, but it looked like the regular moon to us.  Pretty sure it glimmered and glittered extravagantly on the night-black waters all night long.  Cool breezes blew into our small window and lifted the blue curtains.

lake mich postcards_0002III. On an airplane to Chicago, where I got on another airplane to somewhere else.  I had a window seat.  My shadow is somewhere within the tiny shadow of the airplane moving across Lake Michigan so far below.  I am also in the plane, looking out the window.  My shadow so far away and hidden, like Peter Pan’s.