I was driving down a highway (that long, lonesome one) when a sign warned me that road construction lay ahead.  The next sign said, NEW TRAFFIC PATTERNS NEXT 5 MILES.

Hmmm, I thought, that could be interesting.  What kind of new traffic patterns?  Maybe something relatively simple:

traffic patternsPerhaps the lanes could weave in and out of one another like ribbons on a Maypole:

traffic patterns_0001Or we could break the monotony of the long straight shot with a few loop-de-loops:

traffic patterns_0002I’m sorry to have to tell you that none of these things happened.  The lanes just shifted to one side a little for a while, then shifted back.  So if you see that sign about NEW TRAFFIC PATTERNS, take it with a grain of salt.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  My good friend Sooz, after reading this post, was reminded of the Nanha River Landscape Bridge in China, which will blow your mind.  Click here to take a look.