Identify the silhouette (besides the trees and the fence) in each section of the picture:


If you guessed 1. hawk, 2. nest, 3. lost glove and 4. person walking, you’re right! It’s a pretty easy game.  Because it’s the New Year and it’s winter and we might want to ease into things.

There are days in winter when everything seems to be a dark shape against gray and white.  Our eyes seek out the thing that is different: the improbably huge hawk waiting in the tree for some small creature to scurry by.  Not hiding, big as life, but so still.  The nest, summer home of some birds woven of twigs and grasses, between occupation and disintegration.  The glove that slipped out of someone’s pocket and was picked up by another someone.  The spot of color.  Movement.  A story to explain it.