If you live where I do, you probably already know what this is.  If you don’t, or if you haven’t, try to guess before peeking at the answer below.  Hint: It’s not an abstract picture.

So, the answer, with enough words in front of it that you won’t accidentally see it just trying to look at the whole picture.  I live near a pretty big body of water: Lake Michigan.  When I drive to the nearest “big city,” I drive past Grand Traverse Bay.  Many kinds of waterfowl make their homes there. Including swans: known to be mean, but so lovely.  And when they put their elegant long necks and their powerful beaks under the water, their conical nether parts point up into the air.  It always makes me laugh.  Especially when every visible swan is in this position.  The title of this pic, then,  is “Swan Butts in West Bay.”